Hello to all visitors…

Our team is in the betting business since many years. And we see many people are beginners here. Most of you are on “I belive in paid fixed tips” stage.

Face the truth – there are no fixed games avalaible on some crappy scam blogs.

Only persons directly involved in game fixing have 100 % confidence. But would they risk and share it for 100 euro on some blog?

There are some scammers having infos about injury, absences etc… selling picks as a fixed.

Start thinking untill you have some money left.

Only way to win is smart money management and good picks. Good picks comes only from closed forums and trusted paid services.

Our team is active member of one of leading closed forums and I have infos from the best tipsters.

You may ask what kind of picks are inside – insiders coming from specialists. Informations about injuries, absences, team conflicts, reserve squads etc…

But the even more valuable are picks from bookmaker workers that post there. They know their clients (players, refrees) and suspicious nortoriusly winning customers betting many money on a draw in ice hockey… Those are my favourite kind of picks and biggest money makers. Those are the best “fixed” games you can have. Nothing more.